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Coffee Rev & our environment

What Does Coffee Rev Do For Our Environment

As part of the Students' Union, we at Coffee Revolution like to do our bit for the environment and the welfare of the international workforce that helps us create our drinks.

All our coffee and tea is Fairtrade (as well as the sugar and chocolate!), with our very own unique blend of espresso coming from Fairtrade farms from as far afield as South America to Africa, we help support a fair wage for small farmers.

A Few Facts and Figures

Between 1st September 2011 and 20th July 2012 Coffee Revolution sold....

23455 Americanos (4719 more than last year)
3386 Milkshakes & Smoothies (582 less than last year)
19129 Cappuccinos (4374 more than last year)
27207 Lattes (5139 more than last year)
21560 Mugs & Pots of Tea (6158 more than last year)

3030 [glass] bottled drinks 
4964 [plastic] bottles of Fair Trade juice.

During term time we get through approximately 400 litres of locally sourced, single herd milk a week.

This means that we recycle over 200 milk bottles a week, as well as all the plastic, glass, paper and cardboard that goes through the café.

This all contributes to the 87 tonnes of glass, 22 tonnes of cardboard and 18 tonnes of paper that the Students Union recycles every year.

In total the Students' Union produces over 261 tonnes of waste a year, of which 49% is already recycled. Our aim is to push it over 50%.

If you want to help, then please use the recycling bins provided.

Coffee Grinds = Excellent Compost

Coffee grinds make excellent compost, if you would like some for your garden then just bring in a tub, ask a member of staff and we'll be happy to put some aside for you. This not only helps your garden, but it also helps us push closer to our goal of minimising waste and optimising recycling opportunities.

Need More Information?

For more information on how the Students' Union cares about the environment check out the website at

For more information on the Fairtrade movement check out