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What is the HEAR?

Highlight your Achievements

Your Students' Union offers so many extra-curricular opportunities to help you make the most of your time at Sheffield, and many of you will achieve and gain so much by getting involved in them.  

The Students' Union and University want to recognise your involvement and commitment outside of your degree - that’s why your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) records your extra-curricular achievements alongside your academic ones.

The HEAR is a detailed, electronic record of your achievements at Sheffield, from day one through to graduation.

Your HEAR is updated at the end of each semester by staff, and you can view a preview of your HEAR any time via MUSE > My Services > View all Services. 

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What are your fellow students saying about the HEAR?

"Useful to have a list of activities I've been involved in for future reference such as CVs and job applications.”

"It will be nice to see it all there at the end of the degree, so that you can reflect on everything you have achieved during your time at uni.”

"It is nice to have the HEAR as sort of a "stamp" from the university which confirms my extra-curricular activities.”

"The HEAR has allowed me to consider what I need to be doing to work on my self development."

"The fact that future employers can see what we've done is very useful as it shows commitment to extra-curricular activities."

"HEAR is a brilliant way to record and reflect on university life outside of your degree."

"I think this is a great way of presenting your extra-curricular achievements at university. I feel that now more than ever, what you do outside your degree is crucial for future aspirations."

"Looking back at this will definitely help to demonstrate to potential employers the relevant skills I possess and developed throughout my time in Sheffield! "


Comments and Feedback

Have you been involved in a HEAR-able extra-curricular activity?

Tell us about your experiences by completing our HEAR Feedback Form!

Your feedback will help us to improve HEAR implementation at Sheffield - thank you! 

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