Page:Extra-curricular Achievements

How does it all work for extra-curricular achievements?

There are over 200 activities, awards and prizes (coordinated by both the Students’ Union and University) that can be recorded on your HEAR. See the full list on the HEAR Activities Database.

Each HEAR-able activity has a unique set of criteria/ required tasks which you need to complete if you would like your activity to be recorded on your HEAR. The criteria are designed to mirror how the activity works normally, and are not intended to create large amounts of additional work beyond the remit of the activity. They are also based on the type of information which staff are able to monitor about the activity. Some activities require you to complete a reflective task or activity log. These are to help you to identify your achievements and development.

You need to find out what the specific set of HEAR criteria/ requirements is for your specific activity – you can do this by speaking directly to your activity’s staff contact or by searching the HEAR Verifiable Activities Database at:

The member of staff who coordinates/ supports your activity will monitor your engagement in the activity, and will know whether or not you have completed the specific HEAR criteria/requirements for the activity.

If you have completed the HEAR criteria, the member of staff will add the activity to your HEAR after the end of the academic year in which you completed the activity. If you have not completed the criteria, the staff member cannot add the activity to your HEAR. 


What happens if my activity is not recorded on my HEAR?

If you do not meet the HEAR criteria, then your activity cannot be recorded on your HEAR. But please do not worry if your activity is not displayed on your HEAR!

It doesn’t mean that you can’t make the most of your activity, or use your experience as evidence to demonstrate skills and strengths in the future. You can still, of course, discuss your extra-curricular achievements on your CV or in interviews.

We want to help you to develop your self-awareness of your achievements and help you to effectively articulate what you've gained from, and how you've developed through, your university experiences - recording extra-curricular activities in the HEAR is one step towards this.

It’s important that you can complete the picture yourself by keeping your own record and evidence of your extra-curricular achievements and the skills you are developing.

The key to enhancing your employability through extra-curricular involvement is being able to present and articulate how you have developed and what skills you have as a result of your commitment – this is true regardless of whether or not your activity is recorded on your HEAR. For more information about how the Students' Union and University can support your employability, click here