Here at Sheffield SU we hold sustainability as a core value in all our work. We try and make sure that we are making sustainable decisions in our everyday activity. With all kinds of student groups working around this issue, and many sustainable initiatives within the SU, there are lots of different ways you can get involved!

The Student Life Survey Sustainability Results report shares feedback from students on sustainability at the SU.

Who We Are


Sustainability Committee

Sustainability Committee are a group of students representing the student body on Ethical and Environmental issues in the SU and at the University. Get in touch with them at sustcom@sheffield.ac.uk or via their Facebook page ‘University of Sheffield Sustainability Committee’.

Harry Carling, Development Officer

Harry is your elected representative, taking a lead on all things sustainability in the SU. To get in touch: development.officer@sheffield.ac.uk.



How You Can Get Involved!

Join one of our brilliant student groups championing various strands of sustainability:



There is also a network of these sustainability groups, coordinated by Sustainability Committee - check that out here



Green Impact

Green Impact is an NUS behaviour change scheme working in University departments to make your campus more sustainable. Students can get involved by (i) being a project assistant or (ii) being a project auditor. Both opportunities are HEAR and IEMA accredited and are great experience for your CV. Email greenimpact@sheffield.ac.uk for more information

Our Zero Waste Shop

Take a visit to Our Zero Waste Shop, an outlet dedicated to environmentally friendly household goods and wholefoods without the packaging. With less waste and student prices - what’s not to love!



Join the #ReusableRevolution. Avoid single use plastics by taking your own cups for hot drinks, your own container for takeaway food and more! Be sure to check out the discounts this can get you!


Campus Cup

Sign up to Campus Cup, a cup loaning scheme across campus, for all the convenience of a takeaway hot drink without the negative environmental impacts. Ask about signing up at any campus cafes.


SU Policies

We have multiple SU policies relating to sustainability. These include the boycott of Nestle and Barclays, banning the sale of bottled water in our outlets and our very own Environmental Policy.


Sustainable Diets

All our food outlets allow you to easily access a sustainable diet. We provide affordable and delicious vegetarian and vegan options, as well as sourcing food locally wherever possible.


Student Manifesto

Check out our Student Manifesto, where you identified 12 priorities for the universities upcoming Sustainability Strategy, including Carbon Neutral targets and a tax of single-use coffee cups.


Sustainability at the University

Following student pressure, the university are publishing a sustainability strategy on October 15th. This will be informed by a report written by PHD students and the SU’s Student Manifesto. Look out for events over that week on all things sustainability.


SU Sustainability Strategy

Sheffield Students’ Union will be seen as an exemplar of sustainability on campus, in the city and beyond. Our members will feel empowered to campaign for changes needed at the University to make the University of Sheffield more sustainable. As well as take action in the city, they study and reside in. The Students Union will pioneer alternatives to unsustainable organisational practice and facilitate students to contribute to a more systematically sustainable world, taking action for climate justice.


Food Waste

Here at the SU we have food waste bins around the building. These are for leftover cooked and uncooked food, and any fruit and vegetable trimmings. No packaging though! Our food waste goes off to Re-Food, to be anaerobically digested and turned to energy.


Sustainability Step Up

The Sustainability Step Up project aims to educate everyone using the Students Union about the next steps they can take to lower their personal greenhouse gas emissions and as a result live even more sustainably.