Sheffield SU supports the fight for fair pensions.

Their working conditions are our learning conditions.

Is the university limiting the impact on you?

At your Students Union, we want to understand what the university is doing to help students now that the first wave of strikes is over.

Let us know how you’ve been impacted below.

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#SaveStaffPensions - Defend Our Education

Workers in the UCU (University and College Union) at over 60 Universities across the country are on strike to resist savage cuts to their pensions. Sheffield Students’ Union stands in solidarity with UCU. Staff are not to blame for the disruption: they deserve a secure future, and so does our education.
We’re running a campaign to #SaveStaffPensions, encouraging students to show solidarity with striking workers, and demanding that our Vice-Chancellor Sir Keith Burnett speaks out in defence of staff pensions. We’re also calling for students and staff to have a democratic say over the use of savings deducted from striking workers’ pay.




Advice and support for students affected

Whilst the Students' Union is supportive of the UCU strike, the Student Advice Centre continues to provide impartial advice and support to any student who is affected by the industrial action.


What is the dispute about?

Until now, public universities have had a responsibility to ensure staff have a decent pension when they retire. Under the new scheme, this goes out the window completely, with pensions entirely at the whim of the fluctuations of the stock market, risking a loss of up to 40%.

Why strike action?

88% of UCU members voted to take strike action in record turnouts, but staff concerns have been completely ignored by universities. UCU has sought a negotiated solution, but universities have refused to budge from a hard-line approach which will decimate staff pensions. Strike action is the last resort, but UCU have had no choice.


When is the strike?

The first wave of strikes took place for 14 days, beginning on 22 February and culminating in a full week of strikes 12-16 March. A further 14 days of strikes is anticipated between April and June if the dispute does not reach a resolution.


What you can do to help

Visit picket lines outside most university buildings any time from 7:30 to 11am. Join students for the “roving picket” at 9:30am on Monday outside the SU to move from picket to picket.

At all times, it is your individual decision whether or not to cross a picket line in order to attend scheduled teaching that may be taking place duirng the strike action. If you are concerned about your attendance or academic performance you should attend scheduled teaching. 

Invite your friends to like the campaign Facebook page

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Show your solidarity by sending our model email to your tutors showing your support

You can pick up all campaign materials from the SU officers’ office on Level 4.

You can also print your own leaflets:

Main Leaflet

Main Campaign Poster

Strike FAQ Poster

Working Conditions Poster

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