SU Officer Elections 2018

In March, you will elect a new officer team to run your SU. These are the key decision makers within the Students Union and form the leadership team which will take our Union forward next year. Every year current students campaign for one of the 8 elected Officer positions. These Officers decide on the direction of the SU and make a real difference. Any student can run, his might be your chance! Find out about the positions you could stand for...


Recommend a Friend and Find Out More

Recommend a Friend

Know someone who'd be just awesome representing students and making a difference? Recommend them here and we'll send them everything they need to know about the opportunity.

Want to know more?

You can request more information about the role or come in to speak with someone in the Democracy team about getting involved by dropping us an email at elections@sheffield.ac.uk

Self Nomination Open In


See how you can nominate yourself as an SU Officer.


Be an Officer of Your SU


Why Run?

Shape Student Life

Make a difference on what it means to be a student here. Unique experience - thousands of graduates will enter the working world through graduate schemes at big firms, but only a handful will gain the kind of organisational leadership experience that leading your SU has to offer.

You just happen to study at the University with the Number One Students’ Union, as voted in 2014 (and 2013 and 2012 and…). Anywhere else, the opportunity just wouldn’t be quite the same.

As part of the candidate class of 2018 for all eight roles, you’ll get to know like minded people with the energy and passion to want to stand.

Whether it’s your Candidate Academy course in campaigning, or the training and support in the role, very few people across the country will experience the kind of development opportunities that candidates and elected Officers at University of Sheffield Students' Union will.

What support would I have to stand?

Staff Support

The SU’s Democracy and Campaigns Coordinators are on hand to help – contact elections@sheffield.ac.uk or call into the office behind the zone desk.

Up to £40 is set aside for you to use in your campaign (in line with election rules which are there to ensure fairness).

The other people standing can be a big source of inspiration, support and ideas. Events will keep you in touch with your fellow candidates from start to finish.

The day will include a range of topics designed to help you through the process, from campaigning, to social media and debating.

During voting, daily breakfast sustenance and voting stats will be on hand to fuel your final efforts, whether you choose coffee and croissants or herbal tea and fruit.

Your Current SU Officers

Hear from your current SU Officers about what the role is like and what they do from day to day.


Key Dates

Key Dates & Further Information

Nominations are open from 1st January 2018 to the 9th February 2018. Candidates are announced and campaigning starts on Friday 16th February 2018 . Voting finally opens on Monday 28th February 2018, closing on Thursday 1st March 2018, with results being announced that evening!