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Students' Union Councillors 2016/17

Departmental Councillors

Below are the outgoing Departmental Councillors for the 2016/17 Academic Year. If you would like to become a Departmental Councillor and represent your fellow students on Students' Union Council nominations will be opening in September 2017 and you can get in touch for more information at 


Niamh Carton

My name is Niamh, I'm a MA Medieval Archaeology student and I am running to be your Archaeology Students Union Councillor. I have always been passionate about ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard and because of this I have spent the last three years working to that end. I was on the staff-student liaison committee as my year’s representative as well as the undergrad rep on the departmental and learning and teaching committees, as well as holding other positions. I was president (2014-2015) and publicity officer (2015-2016) for the Archaeology society and greatly enjoyed my time on these committees. I have also dedicated a lot of time to various campaigns, including those focused on LGBTQ rights, women’s equality and the stigma attached to mental health. I also for Women’s Officer last year, and am very proud of the campaign that I ran. I promise that I will ensure that the voices of archaeology students are heard on a university-wide basis, and continue to fight for equality, should you elect me to this position. Thank you!


Anna Blunt

As a second year French student, I have encountered the same processes, successes and failures that the vast majority of my cohort have too experienced. As such, I feel I am well positioned to represent the body of French students that share the same concerns, questions and wants as myself. For French students, European affairs from the EU Referendum to the migrant crisis in Calais are constantly pertinent and therefore it is important that the views and opinions of our department are voiced and discussed in a setting where they can have more of an impact.

Germanic Studies

Claudia Southwell

Who am I?

My name is Claudia and I'm a first year Germanic Studies student, also studying Beginners' Spanish. Apart from being massively into languages, I have experience of being a council environment and am excited at the chance to represent the department. In the past I chaired the school sports council for three years, spoke publicly at sports leadership conferences and sat on a county committee of sports leaders. These experiences have equipped me well with an understanding of what the councillor role entails as well as the skills I would need to perform it.

What will I do?

As Germanic Studies councillor, you could expect someone friendly and approachable who interacts with a variety of people within the department and is therefore aware of and tuned in to people's interests and any concerns that may arise. I will make sure that as a smaller department our voice is still heard and I will listen to what Germanic students tell me and work alongside the SU to see that students get the best experience that Sheffield can offer.

Why me?

I would love to represent the Germanic Studies because I'm passionate about the department and am keen to try and improve the experiences of all students. I am reliable and hard working and I would hope that students would have every confidence in me to make their thoughts and ideas heard.


Kieran Maxwell

Hey, I’m Kieran, I’m in my final year and I’m originally from Newcastle.

I’m running for History Councillor because I think the work of SU council can make a real tangible difference to students’ lives. If I’m elected, I’ll work to get online lecture recordings standardised across the whole department. I want to support and co-operate with our academics, so that they can support us with extra revision opportunities in exam times. But most importantly, I want to make absolutely sure that the all-too-often forgotten voice of History Students is heard in our Union and in our University.

As Treasurer of Education Committee and Co-Chair of Sheffield Labour Students, I've had lots of experience campaigning on issues important to students; issues like cutting letting agent fees, extending deadlines and in opposing the Teaching Excellence Framework. I'd love the opportunity to use the experience I have to represent History students on Students' Union Council.

SU Council is so important as it’s the highest student-led decision-making body in the Students’ Union. In the past year, the Council has passed policy for a fairer, evidence based drug policy and policy to ensure all students have access to safe affordable housing. I’ll use my time as History Councillor to ensure these policies are carried out to their fullest extent and expanded too.

On council my first priority is representing the views of History Students, remaining both ambitious and practical.


Emmy Euston

I am currently a third year student and president of philosophy in the city, which places me in an excellent position to represent our department. As the president of PinC I am already used to representing philosophy students, I am used to looking out for my volunteers and constantly trying to improve their experience while volunteering. I regularly collect feedback from students and have proven that I can take this feedback and use it to implement positive change.  

I am already known by many students which means I'm  more approachable, putting me in a good position to gather suggestions. I also regularly work with the department so I have an inside understanding of how the department works and how improvements can be made.

I attend many meetings and so will be an excellent representative at the council meetings. I can confidently convey my points and negotiate to reach  an outcome that will benefit us all.

As representative I want to make it easier for people to make suggestions, I don't think that many students are aware that they have a representative and that we can make an impact. I plan to make a facebook page where students can send in suggestions, this will make it easier for individuals to have a say. As your representative I want to make sure that every one of you gets a say in how our university is run.

Modern Languages

Ana Tralhao Dolan

I would like to nominate myself for the role of Modern Languages Councillor.
I believe that it is especially important in the current political climate to improve ties with the international community so promoting integration between International and Erasmus Students, and home students is more important than ever.
• Create a mentoring scheme for incoming International/Erasmus students and Sheffield home students
• Increase the number of joint socials between departments and ensure that there are more non-drinking options
• Make it easier to find a tandem partner through increased events for Erasmus and home students
• Promote the existing events aimed at international students amongst home students, such as Viva la Fiesta

Russian and Slavonic Studies

Gabe Milne

As one of the university's smallest departments we need representation at SU Council to ensure our voices are heard. I pledge that as a councillor, the foremost thought on my mind will always be how we can make a tangible improvement to all students' lives. I promise to help ensure the council remains focused on those who elected it - us, the students. I will vote against any motion or policy for which I cannot see a tangible benefit for students of this university.

There are problems and injustices which affect Russian and Slavonic Studies students in particular - for example, at L2 Beginners' Russian, we pay £150 for textbooks and no support is offered to help accommodate these costs; there are multiple other similar situations throughout the department. I will make moves to try and create either a partial or complete subsidy to pay for textbooks across all levels of study, helping to alleviate the high financial burden currently placed upon us.

Thank you for reading; place your faith in me and we'll work to achieve a department that is better for everyone


George Bunn

Music Department.

Being a well known face in the music department and taking part in many of the ensembles within and outside of the Music department helps me to gain knowledge of what people are happy about and also unhappy about. Within the role of Students' Union Councillor for the Music Department I would engage in meeting  and pushing to make our voices known on issues that are affecting the department and also the university, as some of you maybe aware I am deeply engaged into politics, over protesting over Thinkcreate last year and winning my fight for myself and paving the way for a fellow 30 students unfairly subjected in the university Achieve more project. Also issues about DSA, I’m never afraid to speak what's on my mind, as you all may know, but I may be able to use this in a positive manner.

Department of Lifelong Learning

Simon Todd

My name is Simon Todd and I am a 5th year IT and Organisations student within the department.

The Department for Lifelong Learning (DLL) is a unique department that I have been proud to represent as your councillor for the last 12 months. I have ensured that the voices of our students are reflected both within the Student Union and within the department itself.

With a significant number of our students having disabilities and a majority of students having work and family commitments, it is vital our unique voice and perspective is brought forward into discussions around how the Student Union is organised and led. As your elected councillor I have ensured to source feedback on issues from students and I intend to continue doing so going forward.

Previously, I represented student views as a Student Academic Representative in addition to fighting for the rights of students during adversity in recent years as DLL was restructured. This resulted in me taking an elected place on the Quality Assurance Committee set up in response to student concerns in which guarantees were obtained for exiting students to alleviate their concerns.

This year I intend to continue to focus on ensuring that the voices of students are heard with a focus on fairness, honesty and openness. I shall also continue to ensure that the consensus of our students are brought forward even where it may represent a minority viewpoint.

Automatic Control and Systems Engineering

Victoria Johnson

I am a second-year ACSE student who is dedicated to improving the academic lives of students in the department by bringing matters of importance to the Studennt's Union Council. I believe that ACSE students should be represented fairly at the Student's Union Council and I would like to use my skills and knowledge to represent this department.

I am approachable and a keen listener, and welcome any suggestions from students as regards improving life in the ACSE department and at the university in order to try and enact these suggestions at the SU Council.

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Damilola Oladapo

Hi my name is Damilola Oladapo, I am a first year student and I am very excited to be nominating myself as a representative of my fellow chemical and biological engineering students. First of all, I'm really enjoying my time here so far (awesome union and I never miss leg day), so I'm really excited to make my little contribution in making Sheffield a fantastic experience for everyone. I think it is very important to have someone who would not only work tirelessly to convey every student's opinions, complaints and ideas to the union, but also maintain a good level of transparency between we the students and the staff. I also believe that having good approachability and sociability skills would ensure a good congenial relationship with students so as to have a good picture of what they really want. So why do I think I'd be perfect for this? firstly, I'm very outgoing, friendly and just generally a fun person to be around, I work well in teams due to my ability to interact well with a variety of personality types, age groups and culture. Now, I'm not exactly the most political person, but I believe I can take on this role having developed a wide range of communication and social skills such as listening, empathizing and problem solving skills from taking on similar responsibilities in the past. Why vote for me? I would work tirelessly with other council members to make significant improvements in any areas needed and everyone would be happy!

Civil and Structural Engineering

Connor Round

Hey guys!

After two years of hiding in the shadows; I’ve decided it’s time to utilise conversations with my peers about the good and bad of our course, to help implement positive change within the department and wider university. The only way to instigate this change is to step up, take responsibility and speak out.

I’ve had opportunities (due to my involvement in the Engineering Leadership Academy) to develop my soft skill set; allowing me to utilise this platform to voice your opinions and issues; listen and reflect upon responses, as well as reason and negotiate in order to resolve them. Most importantly, communicate effectively my desire and need to make things happen.

Being in my 3rd year of study on Civil Engineering, I’ve experienced some of the departments most inspiring academics, who deliver state of the art content to students like yourself, involving you with challenges on current engineering projects. Unfortunately, at times, flaws in the way the course is structured, delivered or examined are evident. Lecturers are under a lot of pressure; now is the time to recognise that they need as much help as we do, in order to develop a mutually beneficial system.

I will be your channel to not only voice problems, but highlight successes of the department. For it is this collaboration of building on positives that will allow us to resolve issues effectively. The foundations are in place and I can be that person who gets the construction of the new framework started.

Computer Science

Tom Thomas Litman

Hi friends. You may know me as the councillor from last year.

As I’m sure you know, being councillor requires a certain level of skill and maturity, both of which I possess in bounds.

I also have vast experience of attending council and serving as chair in SSLCOM, meaning I am well equipped to serve the role this year.

I will make sure your voices are heard, and will personally address any concerns you may have with the University or Union.

You can count on me to represent you! Thank you for your support.

Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Rong Zou

I am a new masters student studying Electronic and Electrical Engineering, as well as the student representative of EEE postgraduate program. I am eager to represent our department on Students' Union council, what I want to do is to tide the relationship closer among the classmates of our department, not only the undergraduate, postgraduate, and PHD students, but also those who have graduated from our school. I have already held some meetings to help our new students to get information and will keep doing such things in the future.

Interdisciplinary Engineering Studies

Place Vacant

Material Science and Engineering

James Bromley

I would work on building closer links between the department and what goes on in the Union as well as providing more information to students as over the last view years this has been poor. I'm already involved through Matsoc and have a good relationship with Department staff. I would institue drop in sessions so that issues can be raised from within the department so i could take them to Council. Thanks.

Mechanical Engineering

Jessica Chen Sue Lyn

Passport photo

I would like to represent Mechanical Engineering students in the Student's Union Council as I believe that it is important for students to have a voice and for their voice to be heard. Being a student In the course, I often hear my coursemates having both positive and negative feedback about the course. I think it would be a fantastic opportunity for me to be able to voice their opinions the the students union so that all this feedback is heard and action can be taken if needed to. Apart from that, gender is always a highly discussed topic when it comes to engineering. Being a woman in engineering, as it still is a very male dominated course and can be quite intimidating, having a female represent and be the voice of Mechanical Engineering will definitely encourage more females to get involved in engineering. I believe this is a great way of expanding the idea that women can be the engineers of the future and also implement equal engineering opportunities for all, despite gender. As a Mechanical Engineering Councillor, I will ensure that any problems and issues within the course are heard of and that action is being taken. I wil also be active among the students in the course and by constantly checking that things are going well within the course. I belive this would be an amazing opportunity to help other engineers in my course.

Clinical Dentistry

Ashish Parmar

My role as a Student Governor at a College just shy of 2000 students and winning the SU best treasurer award 2 years ago makes me a strong SU Council candidate to represent the Dental Students.

As an SU Councillor representative, I intend to raise the voice of dental students within the SU to enhance student life.

My primary aims will be to:

1) Encourage dental students to be more involved with the SU by highlighting updated information around the dental school of what the SU has to offer and what students have to gain. Anything from small give it a go sessions to big society/fundraising events. There seems to be a gap between what goes on at the SU and how much dental students hear about it within the dental school. With good advertising I intend to bridge that gap.

2) Introduce a contactless card machine in the dental canteen. No more carrying that purse of spare change!

These are my aims, but with good research I hope to find what dental students want and fulfill their goals.


Riyaz Sogiawalla

The future of our health service is a significant issue which affects everyone in this country. There are hundreds of students currently training to be healthcare professionals in Sheffield Medical School. I believe these students, as well as all other students in Sheffield, should have appropriate representation at the highest level in the SU.

My name is Riyaz Sogiawalla and I want to represent YOU as SU Councillor. I aim to:

  • Engage medical students with the rest of the university to decrease separation

  • Improve the university experience for students by listening to their opinions

  • Put forward issues raised by both medic and non-medic students to ensure representation

I am an approachable, reliable and hard working person. I would be grateful to have the opportunity to work with fellow students to represent your voice in the SU.




Dedipya Immadisetty

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My name is Dedipya and I want to become a SCHARR representative on student council team. This opportunity will give me a chance to support my department. I have done my undergrad in Public Health, and I have been on leadership committee before. I served as a secretary for a honors society and worked with other staff members collaboratly. I hope to gain other professional skills as well as represent SCHARR to make a positive impact in the community. I have also been a Resident Advisor at my undergrad university in USA. This past job was more like being a counsilor to student residents on campus. I represented as a leader for housing department at East Tennessee State University. I not only organized programs and administered office work but also had constant positive relationship with my residents. I had one on one meetings every week to make sure that they are being heard regarding their problems. I believe that this position of being a councillor at University of Sheffield will give me an opportunity to make a positive impact to the students from different backgrounds. "We Live Heare, We Give Back Here, We Save Lives Here, Global Mission, Local Impact"- (Susan G. Komen)

Animal and Plant Sciences

Place Vacant

Biomedical Science

William Mirfin-Boukouris

William Mirfin-Boukouris Hi I'd be EXTREMELY proud to represent BMS, I love feeling I’ve accomplished something worthwhile and what’s more worthwhile than helping others? Example: I did a Charity 15,000ft skydive (picture below). I HATED IT! But it was absolutely worth it as the money raised helped the Royal Hallamshire Hospital which from my volunteering there I can tell you needed more funding! There’s nothing more gratifying to me than helping people. That’s why I’m standing. I want to have myEcho become a right of all student at Uni that we can depend on when we’re sick not a privilege that often breaks(e.g. no audio). I want a backup system so if MyEcho fails an audio recording can be put up for us to use with the powerpoint. I want the environment to be a bigger priority. The university has the money to be green, but it chooses not to be. Example: they built an overly expensive £81 million building called ‘the diamond’ which was voted by the Carbuncle Cup 2016 one of the ugliest buildings in the UK. Plenty of that poorly utilised unneeded extra money could have been used to invest in solar panels, better recycling for University owned accommodation and more energy saving lightbulbs. Student’s need more useful feedback, this is a university wide issues, at High school you're bombarded with feedback but at uni it’s taken away and often when we do get it it’s vague and unhelpful, this needs to change.Thank you for reading my manifesto :)


Stephen Thornley

Hi I’m Stephen, a third year, having survived this long I think that’s enough reason to vote for me alone. I have a commitment to improving the experience of being a student in the Chemistry department as I have been heavily involved in the student staff committee. My reason for being on the committee is the same as why I am applying for this role, as I want to see positive change in the experiences of chemistry students who choose to come to Sheffield. One thing that I think is genuinely lacking in the department is high quality pastoral care and support, with the vast difference in the support and interest paid by different personal tutors to the students under their care, leaving some students at a disadvantage. I have personal experience of this, having had a considerable amount of time off in second year due to ill health. My first suggestion would be that if a person is off through no fault of their own, after they have let the department know, it should be up to the lecturers to contact those students to provide notes and materials they may have missed. Thanks for reading, vote for me!

Mathematics and Statistics

Josh Gillott

Hello! I am a third year student I spent my second year as a member of the SoMaS Staff Student Forum. I ensured the department worked in the students’ best interest and that students’ feedback was heard and acted on. With your vote I hope to be able to represent SoMaS at the SU Council. If elected my three areas of focus would be: -Encourage the use of My Echo My Echo is a tool that allows full lectures to be recorded and uploaded for student access. Trials of its use are underway and next academic year the university is making it an opt out system for lecturers. It would be a priority of mine to make sure that lecturers embrace My Echo. It’s a great tool for revision, especially for maths students. -Staff Student Committee Here students give feedback to department leaders on a range of issues from module feedback to students’ quality of life. I would make sure that all students have access to good quality feedback on submitted work. This sort of feedback is invaluable to maths students. -Wider SU Responsibilities I would like to be able to give maths students a voice in the SU Council where decisions are made on all sorts of things that affect how the university is run. Most importantly here I want to increase students access to the SU officers and make sure that SU officers are doing their best for all students in the university.

Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

Thomas Brindley

As a Fourth Year MBB student, I have witnessed many changes over the last three years. I was a member of the MBB Committee in second year, Third Year Representative the year after and have also sat on the staff student committee which provides a voice for MBB students. While these positions have enabled me to communicate with both staff and students on a departmental level, I would now like the opportunity to represent MBB on the SU Council. If nominated I would aim to provide a link between MBB and the SU to ensure that our students are being listened to. I want to be able to represent the views of our students to make sure that any concerns or worries that they may have, are dealt with in a precise manner. This position would enable me to debate policies that the SU takes on key issues so that MBB is sufficiently, and well represented. I believe I am the right candidate for this position due to my previous experience. Having sat on a variety of committees, I know the work, dedication and time that needs to be put into this role to make sure that MBB is well represented at the highest level in the Students Union.


Aashita Mirwani

University is something every teenager fears. I include myself in this group too as I have come from a totally different country to start my once in a lifetime opportunity here at Sheffield. I believe that if someone has got this chance they should make the most of it and I want to be there to help them out with whatever they need,I want them to feel at home and make this experience a memorable one. I can understand that people tend to get homesick at times so that is when I want to be there for them, I will always be ready to help. I want to take this University to another level so that whenever someone that belonged to the team comes back, says- This is what I imagined it to be once upon a time and I am proud of what the Student's Union is today. Finally I would like to say that if I am chosen to be part of the Student's Union it would be an honour as it is number one in the UK and all that is thanks to the SU Council team.

Physics and Astronomy Departmental Councillor

Matthew Rowland

If elected, I want to help build a Union for all students and ensure everyone gets the most out of the union. To this end I believe that the women’s minibus should be opened up for all students regardless of gender to better protect every union member. I believe in promoting the interests of those I represent, if I were to become the representative of Physics students in the Student’s Union, I would hold a fortnightly surgery where students and staff could discuss with me any concerns or issues they might have. In addition to this, I will of course be available to be approached at any time, either in person or by email or other electronic communication. I am passionate about this University and Union, and would be honoured to represent Physics and Astronomy students and ensure that Sheffield remains The UK’s best Student’s Union.


Abdulbari E. Kutbi

The contribution and values of the architecture department and its constituent members has a vital role to play in the development of the university and the Student Union's work. I believe this to be an important time for the university of Sheffield; we are in a critical phase for education, politics, the environment and the future of Europe. My role in the council will be thus:

- To push forward the maintaining and enhancing of relationships with european universities as part of the SU's work

- Representing the position and opinions of Architecture students and faculty on the SU's campaigns and conferences

- Organizing better networking events for architectural graduates and students as currently there is a lack of this in the career programme

- Campaigning for the set-up of events and co-working spaces that facilitate the work of design and architecture students, specially within the arts tower

- The marketing and advertising of specific lectures and events that have value for design and architectural education

Finally, I believe that design is an activity that transcends the isolation of the drawing boards, and therefore my mission is to voice, express and represent the contribution of the design community in the Council, as well as insure that all its work considers the special intensity of our discipline.

East Asian Studies

Demaine Boocock

My name is Demaine, I'm an activist and I believe that amidst the current attacks on higher education, East Asian Studies students need representation!

- Students not consumers: I will campaign for free, accessible and funded education. The new Teaching Excellence Frameworks means that yet again the value of education as a public good is under threat. Fees are about to be hiked again and I believe our SU should do everything it can to fight the government's reforms.

- A voice for SEAS students: languages and non-European centred courses are always the first to be cut, despite how valuable we are to society. I will fight for SU policy which enshrines the value of our department!

- Experience: As a dual honours student, I was Hispanic Studies Councillor 2015-16 and used my time to campaign against tuition fees and for the No Barriers to Education campaign.


Callum Burke

If I am elected Student Councillor for Economics, I will commit fully to the role and endeavour to improve the experience of all students by contributing ideas, communicating issues and providing support for those around me. I believe that I possess the experience and knowledge required to be a successful Student Councillor, providing a voice for each and every Economics student within the Student Union Council. I have previously committed to the role of Student Councillor while at college; a position I found hugely rewarding and which gave me the necessary experience to fulfil the position of Student Councillor at The University of Sheffield. As an Economics student, I have particular interest in the study of inequality both on a local and global scale. I am a strong believer in equal opportunities and feel this enthusiasm would support me as a Student Councillor, providing a voice for all Economics students regardless of background. As a mature student, I have several years of experience within a workplace environment working with customers and also as a leader, which I feel has given me the necessary communication skills. Whilst in a leadership position, I have strived to create a positive working environment for colleagues through excellent interpersonal skills. If elected, I am confident that I will successfully represent all Economics students and look forward to contributing to the Student Union Council.


Michelle Eggett

Having experience of working as part of a lecturing team and having studied in five different universities, I feel I will have a lot to bring to this role in terms of comparisons across higher education and in terms of issues that arise in both learning and teaching and the study environment in general. I also have experience of representation work; In a university setting where I represented at various levels and was a triple gold award winning rep (in a different university) and from work outside of university as a public governor for an NHS organisation. Additionally, as a mature student in my late 30s, I feel I bring wider life experience and can relate to issues of younger and older students. I believe that representation work is all about being of service to those one represents, therefore, I am not writing a manifesto that gives statements about what I want to achieve, nor am I going to make a big campaign about my own views in order to be elected. Instead, I put myself forward amongst the nominees with one aim, to represent YOU. I want to know YOUR views, to understand what YOU think about the department/wider university and where it should improve, and if elected, to attend council with all this in mind. I am nominating myself to be of service to YOU and to represent YOU. If you want a councillor that will have your interests in heart and mind, vote for me.


Eleni Ravanis

My name is Eleni, I’m a third year BSc Geography student and I’d love to represent the Geography Department on the student council.

The main aim I would want to promote in my role as student councillor is transparency. All too often I think Geography students are unaware of when decisions affecting them get made, how they get made, why they get made, and what their implications are, and this is simply because they are not told. I want to promote effective communication between Geography students, the Union and staff, to ensure a more transparent and accessible system. My previous experience as First Year GeogSoc Rep and my continuing role as a Student Representative on the Student-Staff Committee means I am familiar with the process of gaining student feedback and acting on it in the best way possible. I’m more than happy to meet one-on-one with students to discuss any concerns they may have, and this is something I would like to do regularly so as to best represent my department as a student councillor. If elected, I’d make it publicly known what times of the week I’d be available in the Geography café to discuss any questions or concerns students might have. I’d also set up a Facebook group that I’d monitor daily to ensure I’m regularly available for students to speak to.

I’m very excited to be running for the position and hope that you'll vote for me! Please feel free to ask me any qs :)

Information School

Place Vacant


Place Vacant


Christina Goodband

Being a Landscape Councillor would be a privilege, as it would give me the chance to highlight issues on behalf of my fellow students. Our course is relatively unknown to many so it would be great to achieve awareness and also interact with fellow councillors who share similar passions and ambitions. I love getting involved as much as possible and also being given the chance to provoke changes. To be doing this in the best student union in the country is a challenge however it is one I will relish.


Brittany Hastings

I’m Brittany Hastings and I am standing to be your Law Departmental Councillor and believe I have what it takes to represent you and ensure your voice is heard.  

As a fourth year law student I believe I have the knowledge and understanding about the Law School and want to use this experience to help ensure that our voices as Law Students are heard.

I believe I have the experience needed to take on this role. In my second year I was the Volunteering Secretary for the Edward Bramley Law Society meaning that I can work well as part of a team. In addition I have worked as an Orientation Week Assistant meaning I am friendly, approachable and a good listener!


"Communication is the key"

  • Open communication between you and your SU Councillor – I will be readily available to you, whether over email or face to face during drop-in sessions to discuss the matters that you want to be raised at SU Council meetings – whether this be academic or non-academic matters or Union Policy

  • Weekly updates on what has been discussed at meetings – made available for all in the Law Department to see

  • I want to take my experience on Ed Bram Committee and work with the Academic societies –including Bar Society, Criminology Society, Edward Bramley Law Society, The European Law Students Association Sheffield and the Miscarriages of Justice Society- to help understand what issues as Law Students we want to raise with our Students’ Union


Place Vacant


Anne-Katrin Lother

I am Anne, a third-year politics student from Germany. I would be honoured to be on the SU Council representing the politics department and I believe I would be a valuable member.

Politics has always been my passion and I feel lucky to be supported by this politics department, one of the country's best. Now in my third year, I believe that it is my time to give something back and represent the department in the SU to help others have an equally great experience in university.

I am the Chair of Amnesty International Society and have gained a lot of experience working in teams as well as organising campaigns and events. I have taken part in organising a demonstration for refugees in addition to the candlelit vigil after the Paris attacks last year and worked together with other societies to plan the Charity Ball last term.

I have learned to stand up for what I believe in; equal rights, access to quality education (with no student fee rise), and being engaged in politics to make the world a better place. On the SU Council I would want to be the voice of politics students to support them whenever needed, make sure their opinions are heard in the union and that their issues are being addressed.

If you want someone with both great passion for politics and a lot of experience to be your representative on the SU Council, please vote for me.

Sociological Studies


Urban Studies and Planning

Bethany Wiles

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I’m a third year MPlan student and would love the challenge of becoming a student councillor for Urban Studies and Planning. I’m currently the president PlanningSoc, the student rep on the learning and teaching committee and help out with open days, so am actively involved in the activities of the department, and have close links with both academic and non-academic staff members. Through this, I’ve really learnt what a difference student involvement can make.

Although the staff-student committee is a valuable tool to give students a voice in departmental issues, I would use the role of councillor to represent the department in the student’s union. Ideas and opinions about how the SU should be best run could be easily forwarded to me at meetings or society events, and I would pass them on, or I would be willing to be contacted by email and I'd get back to you as quickly as possible.

My aim as a councillor would be to raise awareness within the department of what the student’s union actually does, and to also raise awareness of where SU budgets are spent, as this is something which is quite unclear to students. I would also strive to ensure that views of joint honours students are considered and passed onto the SU, as I believe this is a group often excluded from decision making processes.

Representative and Liberation Councillors

Below are the outgoing Representative and Liberation Councillors for the 2016/17 Academic Year. If you would like to become a Representative or Liberation Councillor and represent your fellow students on Students' Union Council nominations will be opening in September 2017 and you can get in touch for more information at 

Christopher Saltmarsh

Re-elect me as your Ethical & Environmental Councillor!

Last year on Council I helped pass policy supporting the Fossil Free and the Sweatshop Free campaigns run by other students. I also supported motions calling on the SU to campaign for Free Education against the TEF and to support the University staff strike, among many others.

My priorities for this year on Council would be:

  • Pass policy on food waste & sustainability to support the great work of many students on those subjects

  • Make sure that the SU has ethical relationships with corporate sponsors meaning we don't offer advertising space to the most unethical companies

  • Support students to campaign against fracking in Yorkshire and Sheffield

  • Make Council a more accessible space meaning no more 3 hour meetings with just 5 minutes of break

  • Amplify the voices of any students who wants to have a say on the ethical or environmental practices of the SU and University

Re-elect me as a committed, experienced and passionate Councillor on all things environmental and ethical!

Zeeshan Khan

Hello! I am Zeeshan, a Masters student in the ACSE department.

International students face issues and problems quite different from the general student community on campus. And with the current political debate in the UK, emphasising importance of policies for international student welfare is extremely important. As an international student myself, I understand this fact and believe that I can represent our international student community based on my experience in the Students’ Union and the University.

The main issues I intend to work towards solving are:

  • Working with the Students’ Union Officers to keep in check the increasing fees for international students; currently we pay more than double the fees compared to the home students.

  • Having improved inter-language support for international students with their assignments, assessments and exams; especially for students from particular non-English speaking groups.

  • Working with the Academic Faculties and the Career Services to improve and expand career development activities targeted towards international students.

  • Working with the Activities Officer to provide better support to the international student societies on campus from various countries and faiths.

  • Working towards an inclusive student community in the University with the International Students’ officer.

The current national issues in the UK affect the international student life on campus significantly. It is our right to go ahead and make our opinion heard by the University so that we are not adversely affected by these policies.

I intend to help you in deciding and having an input in the welfare policies meant for you!!!

Valerie Grant

Hi Everyone,

My name is Val and I am currently the Welfare and Inclusions officer for the Mature Student’s Committee. I would like to represent mature students in the SU because I don’t think they have had a voice in the SU for a long time.

Mature student’s make up approximately 10% of the student population, yet they are somewhat of a silent minority. I will work to raise awareness of issues affecting mature students, particularly those students with parenting or caring responsibilities, those with SpLD’s and those who feel marginalised by their age.

It would be great to see a more “inclusive” attitude towards mature students at the SU and I would like to be a part of making that happen.

Robbie Morgan

Railcard photo 2

My name is Robbie. As a Philosophy PhD student, I am keenly aware of the obstacles faced by postgraduate research students, from the struggle for study space to the stress and isolation that often mars the experience of postgraduate researchers. I strongly believe that the Student’s Union can do more to help tackle these obstacles, and I am passionate about ensuring that it effectively represents postgraduate students. If elected, I intend to put postgraduate student welfare at the heart of Council business.

I have significant experience in many aspects of postgraduate research life, having spent two years as a Graduate Teaching Assistant, and having been a member of my department’s Postgraduate Affairs Committee and Equality and Diversity Committee.

If elected, I will:

  • Promote the welfare of postgraduate research students by working with the Postgraduate Committee and postgraduates throughout the University.

  • Enhance the voice and influence of postgraduate research students within the Union.

  • Support the creation of a postgraduate social space in the Union to encourage networking between postgraduate research students in different departments.

  • Lobby the Welfare Officer to tackle welfare issues to which postgraduate research students are especially vulnerable, such as isolation, managing a work-life balance, and stress.

  • Lobby the International Student’s Officer to tackle the problems faced by many international research students (for example, when applying for a leave of absence or teaching responsibilities in light of the UK government’s draconian visa policies).

  • Promote campaigning for greater postgraduate research funding opportunities as an urgent priority for the Union.

Joshua Berlyne

Sabb election picture

Vote Josh for PGT Councillor!

Hi! I'm Josh Berlyne, an MA Political Theory student.  This is my fifth year in Sheffield, and if you elect me, it'll be my second year on Council!

Council is all about political representation within the SU, the University and wider society.  As such, these will be my priorities:

  1. Working closely with PostGrad Committee to properly represent students.  I want to organise pre-Council meetings every two weeks, for students to bring any issues they have.

  2. Liaise with departmental Councillors to make sure they properly understand postgraduate issues in their department.

  3. In a time of rising racism and anti-immigrant sentiment, I will actively campaign for the SU and University to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with international students.

  4. Ensure part-time postgrad students are properly represented.  As a part-time student I know that having to work alongside studies can mean you are shut out of Union life.  This should not be the case.

  5. Campaign for more postgraduate working space and better funding for postgrads.

All in all, I want a University which stands by its students and campaigns on issues we care about.

Sarah Deria

Hey, I’m Sarah Deria, currently a third year Health and Human Sciences student. As the current Chair of the BME Students’ Committee, I feel I am uniquely positioned for this role, especially as it’s already provided me with a lot of valuable experience.

My commitment and dedication towards putting a stop to the barriers and lack of advantage many BME students face, makes me confident in the fact that I will do everything within my power to make sure that they have a voice, and are recognised for their talents and passion within their fields.

As a BME student, I am fully aware of the kinds of issues students face, both academically and in a social context. My experiences as a Somali Muslim female have focused my passion for breaking down the obstacles individuals who don’t usually have a voice regularly face.


  • Create a safe space for BME students to discuss the issues they face, and how to deal with them, and organising collaborative events held by all cultural societies/committees on a monthly/annual basis.

  • Look into volunteering within local communities, particularly with younger children, to give them positive role models to look up to, and show them that there are opportunities out there for them

  • Collaborating with support services within the SU to raise awareness around wellness and mental health within the BME community; very often students are balancing more than just their studies, so giving students a way to take time to focus on themselves is incredibly important

Rosie Wright

Hi! I’m Rosie, a 2nd year in Philosophy and a member of the Disabled Students’ Committee. I’d like to be your Disabled Students’ Councillor.

As councillor I would:

  • Work closely with disabled students and Disabled Students’ Committee to make sure I do the best job of amplifying all of our voices and not just my own.

  • Campaign for a permanent Quiet Space in the Students’ Union. The Union can be an incredibly inaccessible space due to the turbulent atmosphere and lack of provision for disabled students. The Union should be for the use and good of all students and therefore areas such as Quiet Rooms must be introduced and created specifically with the needs of disabled students in mind.

  • Create structures to reach out and consult with you to keep you informed of the often ‘behind the scenes’ processes in the University and Union which affect us as disabled students.

  • Utilise my experience in campaigning for free and accessible education to pass policies that allow disabled students to able to shape our education in the ways that we need. This would include ensuring information and support is readily available for things like taking leave of absences and studying courses part time.

Thank you for reading – I care deeply about ensuring disabled students are afforded the respect and provisions we deserve and hope that you consider voting for me for councillor!

Eden Ladley

Hello everyone! My name is Eden, I’m a postgraduate taught social science student (I did my undergrad in Sheffield) and I would like to represent you on Council! The role of a councillor is to pass policy and hold our eight elected officers to account, and I would love to do this on behalf of our community. I’m the current Campaigns Officer on the LGBT+ Committee, and I’ve already worked with the Sports Officer to lobby BUCS to become more trans inclusive as well as the President to push for a fairer name change and gender recognition system in the university.

I believe campus is an amazing place for students, but there is still much to be done and many are still left behind. I believe as LGBT+ Councillor I would be a good link between the Union, our Committee and our community. If elected, I would make sure Union policy is inclusive of LGBT+ people. In many areas such as consent awareness, mental health and sport the perspectives of LGBT+ people are not heard as loudly as they should be. I will attend LGBT+ Committee meetings where I will feed back to and consult our community so I will remain accountable.

As a queer and genderqueer person who lives with mental illness and as someone who experiences transmisogyny, I’ve found some of my best friends and support here. I want to make sure that even more people have access to support that our Union can provide.

Gracie Marlow

Img 5332

I'm running for Women's Counsellor because I care strongly about women's issues and rights.

As Women's Counsellor, I would put an emphasis on building positive attitudes towards gender expression and to showcase all that it means to be a woman. I would do this by running events in the SU that focus on empowerment, body positivity, supporting our fellow women and inclusivity.

I am aware that 'woman' is just one aspect of our identity and that other aspects affect the way women are  treated too. I would like to stand as a voice for Trans, BME and disabled women also. I will also stand for non-binary persons.

Sometimes being a woman is difficult and not everyone's experience is the same. I would like to focus on welfare and the mental health of the women I represent as SU counsellor to make sure enough is being done to support them. My experience as committee member of Mental Health Matters society should support me in this endeavour.

While I believe the SU have done some great things, namely the women's safety bus, I feel that even more can be done. I would like to be the person to make these changes happen.

NUS Delegates

Below are the outgoing National Union of Students Conference Delegates for the 2016/17 Academic Year. If you would like to become an NUS Delegate and represent your fellow students at National NUS Conferences nominations will be opening in September 2017 and you can get in touch for more information at 

Leonie Mills

2016 09 11 10.09.25

I am very passionate about black and ethnic minority student issues.

I have two main aims as being the NUS Black delegate – an internal goal, how the different cultures interact and externally, how non-BME perceive BME students.

There is a tendency to have a quite fragmented groups within the BME as a whole and I would like to work to bring those together. Internally, I would like to support the cultural societies and the BME committee by hosting events that encourages integration within the BME community. By focusing on pushing students from BME backgrounds to learn about different cultures and countries. This will be done by having more collaborative events with different cultural societies and speakers from a range of different backgrounds. Along with having more safe spaces for BME people where their thoughts, feelings and experiences can be discussed.

When there is ignorance there is usually a lack of understanding. Externally I want to tackle ignorance within Non-BME people at my university. By having events that engage non-BME people that combat stereotypes and misconceptions head on. Some say that BME students do not like to integrate and I would like to change that narrative. By focusing on educating non-BME people and helping them to understand the various cultures as integration works both ways.

Tanju Cakar


Disabled students face a wide range of barriers to their education, such as inaccessible campuses, poor mental health provision and cuts to support like Disabled Students' Allowance. To remove these barriers, we need to campaign both locally on campuses and nationally against the government. Many of these barriers are also outside the education system, such as the NHS and cuts to disability benefits. Our national union needs to be outward facing and proactive in fighting these struggles and show solidarity with groups campaigning against these attacks against disabled people, such as Disabled People Against Cuts. We should focus on expanding the inadequate mental health provision available to students. This would mean higher staff/student ratios and more funding on mental health per student, as well as more dedicated staff to ensure students' needs are met. The Disabled Students' Campaign should also continue its work on campaigning to reverse cuts to Disabled Students' Allowance. Our university has pledged to maintain current levels of support, but many students in other universities and colleges won't have this guarantee and this support will only be safe if DSA is saved and its funding expanded.

These changes will only come about through pushing for a radically different education system that is inclusive and accessible to all. This means fighting for free education and universal living grants for all. Vote for me and I will fight for these ideas and demands at NUS Disabled Students' Conference.

Santhana Gopalakrishnan


As current Chair of the International Students Committee, and an active member in the Students Union,

I would love to continue :

1) Representing international students in the university and as a whole, to defend our interests.

2) Promoting integration between home and international students, to continue working side by side with the International Students Officer and the international community

3) To represent and prioritise the views of International Students at the Council AND the NUS =Conferences.

4) Lobbying against restrictive immigration policies which affects international students the most in the university and in NUS.


Joseph Lucy

Img 0056 %281%29

Coming to university gay is a difficult experience. We may find it difficult to express our true gender, our true sexuality, or plainly, our true selves. I know this, and we all know this. The NUS delegate conference is a perfect place to represent Sheffield’s LGBTQ+ society, LGBTQ+ students at Sheffield, and LGBTQ+ students across the country. The NUS delegate conference is an important event on the calendar for LGBTQ+ people for this reason; it helps in every way it can to make members of the LGBTQ+ community feel safer and more secure, less vulnerable, and more confident.

As LGBTQ+ members, stigma and discrimination follow us everywhere in our lives. Whilst we all experience discrimination and vulnerabilities as members of our community, perhaps the most vulnerable and discriminated members are currently those in the trans community. I welcome a focus on trans welfare issues at the conference and will do everything I can to work with the members of the LGBTQ+ society – importantly, the trans welfare officer and trans representative officer – to accurately represent Sheffield’s trans students at the conference. A study, reported in the Guardian, found that nearly half of all young transgender people have attempted suicide. The conference is a prime place to combat this issue and the stigma around transgender people. I will also be a beacon and a voice for LGBTQ+ students at Sheffield who feel underrepresented and underappreciated, scared and vulnerable.

Josie Le Vay

Some of the most monumental moments in Britain’s LGBT+ history have occurred since the turn of the millennium, both in terms of rights and in increased visibility. The introduction of marriage equality, fertility treatment, adoption rights and the scrapping of Section 28, which banned the “promotion” of homosexuality in schools, were all hugely significant turning points in LGBT+ equality.

Despite such an immense leap in the rights and acceptance of LGBT+ people in a relatively short space of time, there are still changes which need to take place in ensuring complete equality to LGBT+ people in the UK, particularly in Northern Ireland where same-sex marriage is still not legal and also in less visible and vocal groups such as: BME LGBT+ people, disabled LGBT+ people and LGBT+ immigrants and asylum seekers. It is also important to note that homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia are yet to be abolished from society.

As someone who is passionate about politics and an advocate for equal rights, and crucially, identifies within the LGBT+ umbrella, I believe I will be able to successfully represent the LGBT+ community at our university.

I will ensure that people are educated about gender and sexual diversity, that LGBT+ people are as safe as possible and that homophobic, biphobic and transphobic hate crimes are prevented and that LGBT+ people have equal access to all public services.

I hope to represent the LGBT+ students at our university for the NUS over the current academic year to the best of my ability.

Kezia Bryant

Img 1601

Hello! I'm a bisexual third year Biomedical Science student who has been in Sheffield since 2010. The LGBT community here has been so important to my experiences here, and now I want to give back to it.

Self-determination is vital to liberation, and I'm passionate about helping LGBT+ students' voices be heard at the yearly NUS LGBT+ conference; I've been participating in my local LGBT community through socialising and volunteering (at nights out and to raise awareness of services available to LGBT+ students) for years. My personal areas of interest are LGBT+ healthcare and cultivating and maintaining LGBT+ spaces in areas with a paucity of such resources.

If chosen I am determined to present your opinions and ideas at the conference (I can often be found in the LGBT lounge for a chat!) and advocate for improvements in the current standard of healthcare available to LGBT+ students as well as initiatives to improve our wellbeing at university.

If I sound like someone you would want representing you at the NUS LGBT+ Conference, vote for me!

Natalia Mole

Nus delegate app pic

Hi, I'm Natalia. Good quality LGBT+ representation at a national level is something I am personally dedicated to because as someone who is black, disabled, non-binary and falls under both the bisexual and asexual umbrellas I am used to being underrepresented and unheard within the LGBT+ community. I want to take these experiences I have of intersecting oppressions and my years of experience working with and running LGBT+ groups and spaces and use them to ensure that marginalised groups within the community are listened to and supported by NUS LGBT+.

Rebecca Stroud

Dscn6208   copy %282%29

Hi, I’m Becca, I’m a third year Biomedical Science student and I identify as the L in LGBT+. I joined Sheffield University LGBT+ society last year, and I was an active member, attending many of the socials and events. This was absolutely one of the best decisions I have made at university, as I met so many new people and friends, and it truly helped me to feel more comfortable with myself and my sexuality. This year I would really like to get more involved and learn more about the issues facing the LGBT+ community. I believe being an NUS LGBT+ delegate would be a great way for me to achieve this, and I would be honoured to go to the conference as your representative. I am eager to take part in conversations and discussions, help to influence positive change for LGBT+ students and meet other LGBT+ activists.   I have previously worked as the Inclusions Officer for the Sheffield University Medics’ Orchestra, and this role has really educated me on the importance of inclusivity and representation, and has given me some experience of the responsibility involved in representing a population of people. If elected, I promise that I would do my best, and work hard, to accurately represent the views and opinions of the Sheffield University LGBT+ community. Thank you for taking the time to read my manifesto - Vote Becca Stroud, I’ll make you proud!

Steven Gaywood

Looking stunning   copy

University can and should be a place where all feel comfortable in their sexual and gender identities, and the NUS LGBT+ campaign has done much to help make it so, but inevitably there are voices left unheard and interests unrepresented.

My focus will be on those who are not already engaged in LGBT+ movements or student politics. Arriving at university is often overwhelming, especially for those who have not come out, have recently come out, or are uncertain whether they wish to. Their understandable anxiety about seeking out LGBT+ societies can make them invisible to those who nominally serve and represent them, and their voices are rarely heard in LGBT+ politics as a result.

If elected, I will seek out and consult with those who might otherwise not be heard, and champion their views and interests. I have a particular interest in best practice for the organisation of LGBT+ groups on campus, as this is critical to them being able to reach and help the students who need them most, and have experience working in student society committees.

Zachary Franck

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Hello everyone!

I'm the newly elected Trans Welfare Officer and Polyamorous Representative for the LGBT+ committee and want to get more involved in LGBT+ activism and advocacy.

Vote for me :)

Nupur Chowdhury

Self pic

As a part time mature student currently I can recognise some of the issues that can be difficult for us. Some of us will have been in other careers before while others might have just realised that they would like to have a new change or continue in the same career and enhance it with more learning and updating. Ohers might have chosen to start something new in life. After all life is all about changes and somehow trying to accept them one way or another. We might have issues such as financial difficulties, family, carer responsibilties, child care, time management, feelings of isolation among younger students etc. I feel I can be of help to fellow mature students in different ways depending on the situation.

Eden Ladley

Election min

Hello fabulous people! My name is Eden and I’d like to represent you at the first NUS Trans Conference! I’m currently an MA Social Research student who did their undergraduate degree here as well. I am a transfeminine non-binary person who identifies under the bi+ umbrella and lives with mental illness, and to be honest I’ve only come out as trans to myself and other people in the past year or so. But the amazing social support I’ve found in Sheffield and beyond has allowed me to be out and proud about who I am.

I’m the current Campaigns Officer and non-binary rep on the LGBT+ Committee, and I also sit on the NUS LGBT+ Steering Committee. The former means I have already spent a great deal of time lobbying for a better system for trans students, including helping our Sports Officer lobby BUCS to make unversity sport more trans inclusive as well as working with our President to change the name and gender recognition system. The latter means I will be attending NUS LGBT+ Conference in an impartial role to help facilitate its democratic processes so I’ve already had experience at holding our national officers to account and at passing policy.

As a delegate I want to pass policy on improving access to trans healthcare, fighting cissexism in the curriculum and tackling transmisogyny. I’ll be an open and responsive delegate who consult widely in getting our committee to submit good policy and make real gains for trans students.

Natalia Mole

Nus delegate app pic

Hi, I'm Natalia. Good quality trans representation at a national level is something I am deeply invested in because as a black genderfluid person I'm used to people like me being sidelined in discussions of trans experiences or only used as props without actually acknowledging our individual experiences and needs. I want to make sure that black students have a voice at NUS Trans* Conference.

Zac Snape

Fb img 1474971236296

I've been involved in shaping the NUS trans campaign over the past few years, firstly at the first ever (non-democratic) NUS trans conference where we discussed some of the main goals for the campaign and how we would like an NUS trans campaign to look. Then over the past two NUS LGBT+ conferences I have helped campaign for and successfully win an autonomous trans campaign with a full time paid trans officer.

I have been involved in local trans projects as well including tboys, trans active,  EDEN film making and action for trans health. Improving healthcare for trans people as well as improving trans students' experiences on campus is very important to me.

I am on the LGBT+ committee of this SU and if elected I will ensure all trans students' voices are listened to and take their concerns to be raised nationally at the trans conference.

Zachary Franck

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Hello everyone!

I'm the newly elected Trans Welfare Officer and Polyamorous Representative for the LGBT+ committee and want to get more involved in LGBT+ activism and advocacy.

Vote for me :)

Mathy Selvakumaran

Mathy candidate photo

My name is Mathy Selvakumaran, and I’m running to be NUS Postgraduate Delegate because I want to be involved in ensuring that the postgraduate voice is heard and represented on a national level.

I have several years of experience in student politics and various societies and committees. I am the Chair of the Postgraduate Committee and Working and Representative Committee Liaison on Societies Committee, and I am also currently on the Board of Trustees of the SU. I also have experience of disability campaigning as Vice Chair of the Disabled Students’ Committee. I will bring important perspectives on a wide range of issues to the conference, and I believe that the experience and skills I have gained in these roles will help me to contribute usefully to national discussions.

As a representative of Sheffield Students' Union, voting on behalf of our students to shape national policy, I will ensure that the NUS discusses topics related to the postgraduate experience. I want to provide a critical voice to ensure that the NUS actively reflects the many varied experiences of postgraduate student life.

I have seen the NUS evolve and change so much in the 8 years that I’ve been a student at Sheffield. As NUS Postgraduate Delegate I want to ensure that the NUS has a clear vision and strategic direction for the future, one which considers the ideas and concerns of postgraduate students across the country and acts in your best interests.

Chloe Coleman

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Hi! I'm Chloe, and I'm an MA student, studying International Political Communication! I also did my undergrad here, in Philosophy!

I'm running to be NUS Women's Conference Delegate because I can honestly and passionately represent women and the issues we face while at university. Furthermore, after studying feminism and women's rights as a core part of my undergraduate degree I have not only a practical knowledge of such issues, but also an academic one.

I have been on the Forge Press committee for the past three years, and as a result have written and reported so much about the NUS, the conferences and the outcomes and inner workings of the political sphere of the NUS! I would love to take the chance to, instead of reporting it, be an active part of it!

Thank you for taking the time to read this & vote!

Chloe ❤️

Holly Lown

Img 6482

I’m a second year History student and the current chair of Women’s Committee. I’ve been passionate about feminism and issues affecting women all around the world and would love to represent my university at the Women’s Conference. I have been active in Women’s Committee since first year and it has really educated me about how the union and the NUS can benefit and improve the lives of female students. During my time on committee I have been involved in the running of Reclaim the Night and International Women’s Month at Sheffield, which both helped me feel confident to take on the role of chair and showed me why activism as a female student is so important.

I have good knowledge of what our union stands for and will uphold these values in my voting. I would also use the opportunity to network with other delegates to help develop Sheffield’s relationships to other universities.Therefore I believe I would be a proactive and decisive representative to send to the conference. I want to help our NUS to always keep working hard for female students.

Natalia Mole

Nus delegate app pic

Hi, I'm Natalia. I'm running for this position because I want to ensure women who experience multiple forms of oppression are represented at a national level. I have been active in running and engaging with feminist groups and intersectional communities for the last 4 years which has taught me a lot about developing policies which are effective yet still rooted in compassion. As well as this, my lived experiences as a queer disabled black woman have provided me with insight and empathy on how to advocate for and support marginalised women.

Sarah Deria

10325652 10152435437344862 4670298481170982458 n

Hey, I’m Sarah Deria, currently a third year Health and Human Sciences student. As the current Chair of the BME Students’ Committee, I feel I am uniquely positioned for this role, especially as it’s already provided me with a lot of valuable experience.

My commitment and dedication towards putting a stop to the barriers and lack of advantage many women face, makes me confident in the fact that I will do everything within my power to make sure that they have a voice, and are recognised for their talents and passion within their fields.

As a woman, I am fully aware of the kinds of issues students face, both academically and in a social context. My experiences as a Somali Muslim female have focused my passion for breaking down the obstacles individuals who don’t usually have a voice regularly face.


Create a safe space for all self-identifying females to discuss the issues they face, and how to deal with them, and organising collaborative events held by all societies/committees on a monthly/annual basis.

Look into volunteering within local communities, particularly with younger children, to give them positive role models to look up to, and show them that there are amazing opportunities out there for them

Collaborating with support services within the SU to raise awareness around wellness and mental health; very often students are balancing more than just their studies, so giving students a way to take time to focus on themselves is incredibly important

Kieran Maxwell

Manifesto pic

Hi, I’m Kieran, I’m in the final year of my undergrad, and I’m originally from Newcastle.

To me, the NUS feels a bit like a missed opportunity. As the largest collective organisation of students in the country (that’s over 6 million people), it should have a massive influence on the way our country is run. But for most students, it would be difficult to name any of the NUS’s policies, achievements or members of its executive. It’s such a powerful force, but its organisation can be confusing and its message distorted before it reaches the wider student population.

As Co-Chair of Sheffield Labour Students and Treasurer of Education Committee, I’ve had lots of experience campaigning on the issues that are important to students: issues like cutting letting agent fees, extending deadlines and opposing the Teaching Excellence Framework.

The NUS has been an instrumental voice for students in opposing the marketisation of the education system, and in opposing the upcoming Higher Education and Research Bill. I’m keen to work in the NUS to put forward a positive alternative to these plans and achieve an NUS that reaches out to all students, to make it an organisation that can really improve our day-to-day lives.

NUS National Conference may only be 3 days long, but I’ll do everything I can in that short time to represent the views of students in Sheffield.

Lilian Jones

Img 7744 %281%29

My first impression of the NUS was of a bureaucratic, over-complicated system, with the opportunities it provided only being enjoyed by the few who understood it. I think students deserve better and with your support, I want to try and help Sheffield lead that change.

The NUS can be more than a discount card, a body of engaged university students could and should have real potential to effect change and positively improve the lives of all of their members.

My role on the committee of Sheffield Labour Students (as social secretary this year and freshers officer last year) means that not only am I used to campaigning on issues that are important to students but also that I’ve been able to see first hand the real difference strong representation of members makes at a decision making level. If elected delegate, I’d provide strong, effective representation to help shape the NUS to benefit all students.

Ensuring that students from all backgrounds have equal opportunities at university is a very important issue for me. At conference I’d push for a fairer funding system so all students can access financial support as and when they need it.

If you vote for me to be your NUS delegate, your views at conference will be my views at conference.

A vote for me is a vote for someone who knows the NUS has the potential to improve and is prepared to work hard on your behalf to try and help it do so.

Thank you.

Mathy Selvakumaran

Mathy candidate photo

My name is Mathy Selvakumaran, and I’m running to be NUS Delegate because I want to be involved in representing our Students' Union on a national level and ensuring that YOUR voice is heard.

I have several years of experience in student politics and various societies and committees. I am the Chair of the Postgraduate Committee and Working and Representative Committee Liaison on Societies Committee, and I am also currently on the Board of Trustees of the SU. I also have experience of disability campaigning as Vice Chair of the Disabled Students’ Committee. I will bring important perspectives on a wide range of issues to the conference, and I believe that the experience and skills I have gained in these roles will help me to contribute usefully to national discussions.

As a representative of Sheffield Students' Union, voting on behalf of our students to shape national policy, I will ensure that the NUS discusses topics related to students’ experiences. I want to provide a critical voice to ensure that the NUS actively reflects the many varied experiences of student life.

I have seen the NUS evolve and change so much in the 8 years that I’ve been a student at Sheffield. As NUS Delegate I want to ensure that the NUS has a clear vision and strategic direction for the future, one which considers the ideas and concerns of students across the country and acts in your best interests.

Gabe Milne

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For years, students' belief in the NUS has diminished further and further. As a Jewish student, I believe that there is no group that feels more alienated by the NUS than Jews - from a president that seems unable to acknowledge concerns of anti-Semitism to an ongoing support of the xenophobic Boycott Divest Sanction campaign, it is a dark time to be a Jewish student at a British university. What we need is to rebuild the trust of students from all backgrounds and not allow those who even inadvertently discriminate to run an organisation supposed to represent all of us. Every delegate to the NUS conference who votes against the current NUS President Malia Bouattia takes us one vote closer to a leader that can fulfil that task.

In addition, we must carry the banner of free speech with us to Brighton for the National Conference. On campuses across the UK, free speech is under attack from no-platforming and banning of certain media outlets, with the NUS and Student Unions making the decisions for us on what we can and can't hear and see. This decision should belong only to the individual; it is not the place of our SU or the NUS to tell us what we can and cannot think, and the official NUS policy should reflect this.

Let's start fighting for a National Union of Students that benefits every single one of us; a National Union of Students that we are proud to be part of.

Demain Boocock

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My name is Demaine, I'm a free education activist and I believe that we need a fighting NUS to combat the government's new attacks on Higher Education. This is a crucial time, as these reforms will leads to tuition fees rising to 10k and the creation of a market amongst universities. We should be students, not consumers!

- Free, accessible and funded education: The government's Teaching Excellence Framework will not only lead to fee increases, but to universities operating more and more like businesses which spend as much money competing with each other as they do on education! The idea of education as a public good which benefits all of society is under threat, as instead of learning about and questioning the world around them, curriculums will focus mainly on 'employability'. Furthemore, these reforms will means worsening working conditions for our lecturers and university employees!

- No Education Cuts: This move to a more US-style system will mean course closures for smaller but incredibly valuable departments, such as modern languages and archeology.

- Fight Prevent: The government's anti-terrorism strategy - Prevent - has been shown time and time again to be instrumental in shutting down free speech in universities. Muslim students should not be scapegoated in our universities!

- Education For All: International students are treated like cash cows and mature student numbers have dropped. Nobody should feel less able to attend due to their economic status, ethnicity, nationality, gender identity or sexual orientation!

Chris Townsend


Hi, I’m Chris, a second year English Literature undergraduate. As an education activist, I was pleased to see the election of Malia Bouattia to NUS President, and the general improved direction our national union has taken in the last year. However, I believe this is not enough. Education is in crisis. Maintenance grants have been cut. Disabled Student Allowance has been decimated, putting pressure on institutions to fill the gap. The Teaching Excellence Framework is coming, and will add to the government’s policy of marketisation that began with £9K fees. We need a fighting NUS more than ever.

Over the past year, I have been heavily involved with free education activism locally (via the Shef Better Than TEF campaign and The Free University of Sheffield, winning demands for a student-staff forum) and nationally (with the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts), and have represented students at SU council. Therefore, I believe I have the experience and knowledge needed to be one of Sheffield’s NUS delegates.

Focussing on the broad aim for Free Education, the policies I stand for include:

  • Fighting against the the TEF and marketisation.

  • Living grants for all students.

  • Solidarity with international students, vital in the post-Brexit climate.

  • Greater democracy within our union and movement, such as One Member One Vote.

  • Solidarity with university staff who are threatened by casualisation, low wages, and the gender pay gap.

  • An end to the Prevent policy.

Please feel free to contact me at Thank you for reading

Ali Day


Working as your Education Officer has given me valuable knowledge and insight into Higher Education, Universities and Students' Unions. This has also enabled me to learn about a number of different aspects involved with running a Students' Union as well as the struggles facing students every day. I am deeply passionate about promoting the student voice and ensuring every student feels supported and empowered. I want to use my experience to influence policy at a national level.

If elected as delegate to the NUS national conference I will strive to do the following:

- Embed student support into NUS national policy to ensure that every single student, regardless of their background, receives proper academic and welfare support whilst studying.

- Build on my work this year to ensure every student has a say over the education they receive. Students need a national voice as well as within their universities. I want to see NUS encourage a culture in universities and in politics where students are truly valued in decision making.

- Use my experience initiating and coordinating the 'Shef Better Than TEF' campaign to influence our university's decision over participation in the Teaching Excellence Framework and raising tuition fees. I want to ensure the NUS takes a leading position nationally in lobbying the government on Higher Education issues and supporting students' unions in their campaigns.

I want to represent Sheffield students and welcome any recommendations on what to take to the national conference if elected.