Current Proposals

Proposals for new policies or constitutional changes must be available for all students to view and consider for 10 days before going to Students' Union Council.

This allows students the opportunity to ask questions on or propose amendments to the policies, before they are discussed at Council. You can have view our current policies here.

The next meeting of SU Council at which Policy Proposals could be debated will be Thursday 22nd March 2018. 

Policy proposals: To propose an amendment to a proposal or an alternative or related proposal this must be submitted in writing to the Student's Union President via sucouncil@sheffield.ac.uk. Amendments or alternative proposals must be no more than 200 words and can be submitted either by an SU Councillor or by a student who is not a Councillor, with the support of 10 other students.



Drugs Policy

Proposer: Kieran Maxwell (SU President)

Seconded by: Reena Staves (Welfare Officer)


This Students’ Union notes:

1. There is no compelling evidence that criminalising personal drug use decreases the frequency or harm of drug use

2. The War on Drugs has been recognised as a failure by the British Medical Journal1

3. Sheffield Students' Union operates many late night licenced venues, and complies fully with the Licencing Act 2003


This Students’ Union believes:

1. The Government's policy of prohibition has failed to curb either supply or demand, reduce addiction, cut violoence or reduce profits for organised crime

2. Government policy should focus on harm reduction, rather than punishment

3. People who are addicted to drugs should receive medical help, not imprisonment

4. Student safety is the top priority

5. We should challenge the Government on this issue without contravening the law in venue


This Students’ Union resolves to:

1. To adopt a Zero Tolerance approach to drugs in Students' Union venues

2. To fully comply with the law regarding srugs and the conditions of our premises licence

3. To prioritise student welfare in our approach to drugs, emphasising education and access to support services

4. To oppose the harsh criminalisation of personal drug use, and argue for a change in legislation

5. To educate members on the impact that criminalising personal drug use has and why a change in the legislation is necessary

6. To be transparent and open about our procedures around drugs


1 Fiona Godlee and Richard Hurley, ‘The war on drugs has failed: doctors should lead calls for drug policy reform’, British Medical Journal 355 (2016), p. 1.


Industrial Action Policy

Proposer: Stephen Buckley (Germanic Studies Councillor)

Seconded by: Ben Noble (Interdisciplinary Engineering Studies Councillor)


 This Students’ Union notes:

1. The UCU has proposed strike action over multiple days over this academic year

2. Some students have felt picket lines outside university buildings to be intimidating, and some students have felt harassed or shouted at whilst trying to attend classes


This Students’ Union believes:

1. The right to strike is a fundamental right for all members of a trade union

2. Students who choose to attend classes have a right to do so without feeling intimidated by members of picket lines 


This Students’ Union resolves to:

1.To lobby the university to ensure that students who strike in solidarity with staff are not penalised for not attending lectures or classes

2. To evaluate whether it will officially support a strike by university and/or union staff on a case-by-case basis 

3. To contact union representatives before a strike to ensure picketers are respectful and not intimidating students who attend classes

4. to ensure the Activities' Officer or other relevant authority should contact representatives from societies who may be striking with staff, along with all students generally, ensuring that students do not intimidate and are respectful of other students before a strike commences

5. to be ready to contact relevant authorities when there are complaints from students or staff regarding the conduct of strikers/those striking in solidarity with staff