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The 2018 Awards

The annual Academic Awards, run by the Students' Union celebrates those who have enhanced education and community life at the University of Sheffield. It is a chance for students and university staff to reflect on the amazing work done by individuals, departments and the institution as a whole. The awards are open to staff and students to nominate anyone who in their own way has improved your educational experience at Sheffield this year.



Academic Awards 2018 Shortlist

Congratulations to the Nominees

The Academic Awards nominations period this year saw a fantastic 559 nominations come in for staff and students across the 16 awards, with tough competition in all categories.

We are excited to announce the nominees who have been shortlisted, after much deliberation. See the link below to view the shortlist.

Congratulations to our shortlisted candidates - we look forward to seeing you at the Awards evening celebration. And to everyone who received a nomination - it is truly a testament to your commitment, innovation and engagement within our wonderful academic community.


The Awards Evening

The Awards evening will be on Thursday 17th May. An evening of celebration with food, speakers and entertainment, as well as the awards themselves. We aim to make this event as accessible as possible for guests.


How are the Awards Decided

Once the nominations have closed our shortlisting panel comprising of our Student Union Education Officer, Welfare Officer and Education Committee will assess each submission against the relevant award criteria. From there a score will be allocated to the nomination from 0 (does not meet criteria of the award) to 3 (goes above and beyond the criteria for the award). The panel will then create a shortlist of 3 nominees per award. This process will be completed by Friday 23rd March.



If you’ve been nominated then congratulations! This means that students and university staff have recognised your work across the academic year. In late March an email will be sent to you which will provide details on the award you were nominated for. Details of your nomination(s) can be shared on request.


If you have been shortlisted then this means you will be provided an invitation to the awards evening. Information regarding the evening will also be shared in late March via email alongside details of your nomination(s) on request. Shortlisted nominees are invited to bring a +1 to the award. The exception to this is a group award, in which case 3 of the relevant group are invited to attend. This is due to the capacity of our venue.

In the situation that you can’t attend a friend or colleague are welcome to attend in your place alongside a +1.


Find the information here on how to get in touch.

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