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The 2019 Awards

The annual Academic Awards, run in partnership between the Students' Union and University, celebrates those who have enhanced education and community life at the University of Sheffield. It is a chance for students and university staff to reflect on the amazing work done by individuals, departments and the institution as a whole. The awards are open to staff and students to nominate anyone who in their own way has improved your educational experience at Sheffield this year.

We want to especially celebrate the hard work of staff and students who strive to make our University an inclusive learning environment and would welcome this to be reflected within your nominations.


Nominations process, Categories & Criteria

There are 13 awards in total. You can nominate for as many categories as you choose or nominate different individuals for the same award. Nominations are done through a simple google form which closes at midnight, Sunday 24th March.

Please note that within the form you will be asked if you would like for your submission to remain anonymous. This is to help in the instance that nominees request information about their nomination.



Outstanding Assessment and Feedback

A staff member whose assessment on a module was challenging, fair and helped in developing student understanding of the programme. Alongside this, the feedback provided was constructive, detailed and timely, enabling improvements on student work.

Best Postgraduate Research Student who Teaches

A postgraduate research student (PGR) who provides outstanding teaching alongside their PhD.

Excellence in Supporting Student Academic Development

A staff member who has actively facilitated and supported academic skills development for a student or students. In other words their work has helped students improve on their programme for future modules and assessments. This could be by consistently embedding academic skills development within the curriculum or developing unique approaches to improve skills development in meetings or workshops.

Best Postgraduate Supervisor

A staff member who provides exceptional support for postgraduate students, in both their academic and personal life.

Innovation in Learning and Teaching

A staff member who has taken a fresh and innovative approach to their learning and teaching. This could be by having successfully trialled a new way of delivering classes, including students within the development of their programme or adapting best practice to suit their context. This award celebrates those developing new and exciting ideas within academia.

Most Supportive Non-Academic Staff Member

A non-academic staff member whose work has actively supported students through their university journey, for their wellbeing or academic studies.

Best Personal Tutor

A staff member who uses a holistic approach to supporting their students in their academic and personal life, encouraging students to succeed and providing sound advice.

Student Futures Award

A staff member who has gone beyond their role to create opportunities for students to develop or reflect on academic or extra-curricular experiences. Or who motivates and develops other staff to support students futures by providing relevant advice and guidance. These individuals will have helped either directly or indirectly, students consider the next steps in their lives. Be this for their upcoming academic year or beyond graduation.

Outstanding Contribution to student wellbeing

A staff member, team of staff or an individual student or society who through events, campaigns or specific initiatives has enhanced student well-being at the University.

Best Academic Representative

An Academic Rep or Faculty Rep who has excelled in representing their cohort by seeking the views of their peers and attending and contributing to student staff committee meetings (SSCs) or equivalent at Faculty Level to improve the academic lives of the students they represent.

Best Student Staff Committee (SSC)

A student staff committee (SSC) made up of both academic reps and staff, who have worked together to improve the lives of the students within their department or faculty.

Outstanding Learning and Teaching

A staff member who excels in teaching through providing engaging, innovative and informed lectures, tutorials or seminars. This award will be selected by the panel from the shortlisted nominees within the "Learning and Teaching" category.

Outstanding Student Contribution

A student who has gone above and beyond for their fellow students to improve their education. This could be by championing causes within their department or who has taken a leading role within the department or wider student community to make positive change at Sheffield.


The Celebration Event

The Awards celebration will be on Wednesday 15th May. The event will include drinks, speakers and entertainment, as well as the awards themselves. We aim to make this event as accessible as possible for guests.

How are the Awards Decided

Once the nominations have closed our shortlisting panel will access each submission against the relevant award criteria. From there a score will be allocated to the nomination from 0 (does not meet criteria of the award) to 3 (goes above and beyond the criteria of the award). The panel will then create a shortlist of 3 nominees per award. This process will be completed by Friday 29th March. 

The panel is comprised of the following individuals: 

●    Anna Crump Raiswell (SU Education Officer)
●    Katharine Swindells (SU Welfare Officer)
●    Professor Brendan Stone (University Deputy Vice-President for Education)
●    Dr Asha Akram (Department of Psychology)


What happens if I’m nominated

If you’ve been nominated then congratulations! This means that students and university staff have recognised your work across the academic year. In late March an email will be sent to you which will provide details on the award you were nominated for. Details of your nomination(s) can be shared on request.

What happens if I’m shortlisted

If you have been shortlisted then this means you will be provided an invitation to the awards celebration event. Information regarding the event will also be shared in late March via email alongside details of your nomination(s) on request. Shortlisted nominees are invited to bring a +1 to the award. The exception to this being if a group is nominated, in which case 3 of the relevant group are invited to attend. This is due to the capacity of our venues.


In the situation that you can’t attend a friend or colleague are welcome to attend in your place alongside a +1.

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