Flash Sheffield is a series of inspirational talks sharing ideas & stories, from Arts to Politics, Lifestyle & Culture.

Guests have included Rob Brydon, BBC Question Time, extreme mountaineers, Steve Edge, Alastair Campbell, Fatima Bhutto, Howard Marks, Pecha Kucha, Jeremy Paxman and a spectrum of other wonderful speakers covering arts, politics, lifestyle & culture.

Some people do great things, some people do funny things. Some people overcome great hardship or adversity. Some people do crazy things, some have great ideas and inspire others to do great things.

We hope to give you a flash into great people's lives, why and how they do and have done the things they do.

Flash events will entertain you, amaze and perhaps sometimes bring tears to your eyes. We hope you come to one or more and perhaps be encouraged to develop great ideas of your own and share incredible stories.

These talks are put together in collaboration with a fantastic selection of partners and we are always on the look out for new connections...

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